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Anson Tigers

Anson Tigers
Anson Tigers

The Anson Tigers can be proud to say that their athletic department is the most successful in the state of Michigan, and they have come out on top time again. Anson Tigers athletics have won the state of Michigan’s athletic championship three times, but they haven’t been able to repeat that success over the last couple of years because they weren’t able to capture the crown in back-to-back years. In fact, the 2021 season is the first time the school has been able to win back-to-back national championships.

The Anson Tigers actually began back in the fall of 1998 and enroll new students in grade nine-12. They quickly made a name for themselvesĀ zas one of the better high schools in the entire Michigan area. Their football team was so good that they were able to earn themselves a spot in the new Mid-American Conference. Unfortunately, they didn’t win the conference title the following year, but they did come close. In their next season, the team once again earned themselves another national championship, helping them win back-to-back games in the state. This has helped the school to gain many loyal fans and keep the players motivated and excited about winning the next trophy.

Because of the large amount of support the Tigers have from the community and the school, they have opened up a new youth football camp that will begin this summer. Football has always been a very important part of the high school and to keep things exciting, the school is looking for talented young women to help promote the sport in the community. If you have the opportunity to help spread the love of football and to see your kid play at such a great high school, it would be a great choice to get involved.

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