Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State University is the largest university in the Midwestern part of the United States and is situated about 60 miles away from Tulsa and Oklahoma City in the mid-west state. OSU is among the top universities in the Big 12 Conference and is one of its best regional competitors. This university has a great following of students who are interested in getting a Bachelor’s degree and obtaining employment in a number of fields within the education industry, including pedagogy, teaching, early childhood development, and more. The Bachelor’s programs offered by OSU are known for their quality, which includes a large percentage of returning students who complete their degrees within four years.

The College of Education and Human Development offers students an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Development; a Bachelor’s in Special Education; and a Master’s in Developmental Education. These programs focus on developing the life skills and educational knowledge of all students and prepare them for careers as psychologists, educators, and coaches, as well as administrators and business leaders. Students may also choose to study abroad in several nations around the world, including South Korea, China, and Kenya. Students can find many internship opportunities within the Department

of Education as well as the Counseling and Supervision Department, as well as in private companies and public agencies. OSU also offers many certificate programs that are recognized by other schools and employers around the nation.

Within the Counseling and Supervision departments there are also professional development courses, as well as courses that allow students to modify their licensing process as they progress through their careers. Students can also choose to continue on to obtain their Master’s in Education, with a focus on School Studies or Practical Training. There are also many student organizations on campus and off, including student governments, athletic clubs, and student newspapers. Students can earn their online bachelor’s degree while working full or part time jobs and may qualify for financial assistance.

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