N Richland Hills Richland

North Richland Hills, a community in Tarrant County’s rich rural south side is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing communities in the Texas real estate market. In the past, many residents have considered it too slow to attract attention from potential buyers, but now that the area has been revitalized, there is no doubt that the area is seeing an increase in homes for sale and an increase in home prices. North Richland Hills homes are priced in the upper price range, which makes them affordable for almost any income level, including many lower income families.

North Richland Hills was once just a farm. But in the early 1960s, the crop fields along Big Bend Ranch were transformed into what we know today as Tarrant County’s biggest middle class community. It wasn’t long before people from all over the world started buying homes here to have easy access to employment, medical facilities, shopping, and recreation.

The revitalization of the area has been aided by the opening up of a large amount of land along the Willamette River. This waterway has helped the area attract a good deal of development and activity, particularly along the interstate highway that runs through the area. Many of the homes in this area have benefited from these investments in roadways and infrastructure, with new schools, parks, shopping malls, and housing being built. North Richland Hills real estate offers you the opportunity to get your dream home, without having to worry about the price of getting there.

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