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Elk City Big Elk

Elk City Big Elk
Elk City Big Elk

For those who love the wonders of the deep and the wonders of nature, Elk City in southwestern Utah is a delightful escape. Founded by Spanish explorers in 1857, the town of Elko was named after the “great elk.” Located on a plateau in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, Elko is a popular winter destination for skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers and hunters. The abundant number of outdoor activities makes it an attractive place for tourists and visitors to explore.

The Junipine tribe, which settled at various locations along the Snake River, left their long-lasting artifacts behind in the quarries scattered around Elko, including some of the most spectacular Pre-Cerco pyramids ever found. In June of 2021, geologists brought to light what they described as the oldest pre-Cerco Egyptian pyramid at Elk City. This amazing find is believed to be over two thousand years old. Another spectacular find in the quarries of Elk City include two skeletons that are thought to belong to mammoth creatures. These skeletons were discovered near the site of what is now known as the Big Elk Mountain Resort.

Visitors who enjoy hiking, biking and other outdoor pursuits may choose to visit the Trestle Trail for their morning or afternoon hike. Hikers can climb to a viewpoint from which they will be able to see the amazing fossils inside the quarry. The Trestle Trail also leads to the Big Elk Mountain Loop Road, where visitors can take their bicycles and enjoy a ride through this wonderful area. A Jeep rental is available at the Trestle Trail Visitors Center. After an enjoyable morning or afternoon hike or bike ride, visitors may wish to go swimming at the Big Elk Dam, one of the most beautiful natural swimming holes in the country.

Elk City is also popular with visitors who enjoy trying new things. Those looking for a unique experience should try the elk hunt at the famous elk hunting cabin located by the Big Elk River in nearby Elkridge. This popular hunting destination offers a guided tour of the property and has guided hunting trips during the summer months. The elk are usually harvested around May and June. For more information on the hunting cabin and for any current or future summer elk hunting opportunities, customers can check out the lodge’s website.

Video filmed by videographer: Matt Plummer, one of the great highlights from the 2021 regular-season, district matchup between the Elk City big elk and the Montana elk, is featured in the video. This video was filmed right in the middle of the elk mating season, when the male elk are about to mate. The elk, protected by a protective fence, molt quickly, usually in the day and then have to feed for several days before they fall off. A crew from the elk hunting company, Matt and JoAnne, set up a targeting site about 500 yards away from the mating area. They also had to move the vehicle twice, as it had to go back and forth a number of times towards the mating area. Once the elk were within range, Matt and JoAnne used binoculars to scope out the male elk and then waited for him to approach with his sperm.

Video filmed by videographer: Dan Rice, another highlight from the 2021 regular-season, district matchup between the Elk City big elk and Montana’s largest elk, was also featured in the video. This video was filmed right after the hunt from a different location by an elk hunter with a spotting scope. This was a crucial location because the elk were close to their hunting camp, which would have prevented them from moving far into the area where they were poised to mate. This was also the location that the elk were known to stop and feed at the end of their long range travels. It also provided the hunter with an excellent opportunity to practice his skills and find better positioning for his shots. The quality of this video and the video shot by the elk hunters during the week of May will go a long way in enhancing any skill you have with your rifle.

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