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Southeast Spartans Has Everything You Are Looking For

Southeast Sarasota real estate is rich in culture with homes available in communities such as the aptly named “Fortunate Islands” in Crystal Springs and Lake Worth. Other communities in the Greater Sarasota real estate market include Allendale, Captiva Bay, Sunset Beach, Bay Harbor and South Venice. Those looking for the perfect vacation rental in the Greater Sarasota area should consider selecting homes in communities such as Ocean Shore and Sand Key. Both communities have attractive golf courses and excellent fishing spots. For those who want to own their own home and invest in real estate, there are options such as rental investment properties, FHA mortgages and first time homebuyer programs.

The communities of Crystal Springs and Lake Worth, both less than an hour from Tampa Bay, offer residents a variety of water activities and shopping to keep them occupied during the off season. They are conveniently located close to golf courses, shopping centers, movie theaters, spas, restaurants and other attractions. The all-time tba (all-time list) lists Crystal Springs and Lake Worth as among the top five Miami-Dade County real estate markets in the country.

If one has not visited yet, one must visit the fantasy land of Lawrence Thoor’s Northeast Miami-Dade County Comprehensive Improvement Program. Currently, this project is underway and includes a golf course, outdoor fitness center, public library, six public parks, two major hotels, two hospitals and over seven thousand residential units. When it is completed, it will be the largest comprehensive neighborhood plan that ever was implemented in the state of Florida. In addition to housing thousands of low income families, the plan will also create an economic boost for the area with the creation of high-paying business and government entities. Among the notable projects included in the plan are the new Verizon store at Collierville Road and Southeast Division Street, the new Bank of America branch at Southeast Division Street, the Bank of America satellite office at Belmar, the apartment building at Northeast Miami-Dade County, and the apartment building at Hiawassee.

Northeast Miami-Dade is fast becoming one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Florida. It is located on the busy road called NEON Drive, which intersects busy roads throughout SE Florida. The area is made up of three counties: Hillsborough, Pinellas and Orange. This is the home of the well-known golfer, Miami Marlin, and the popular golfer, Jonathan Taylor. If you are looking for luxury, education, cultural opportunities and great food in an affordable city, Northeast is the place to be. There are many gated communities in the area with over twenty-two thousand residents.

The second best option for golfers in Southeast Spartans is the beautiful City of Satellite Beach. It is on the International Drive and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the south and the Gulf of Mexico to the north. The area is subdivided into seven municipalities that contain approximately one hundred and sixty homes. The communities of Belmar, Hiawassee and Cypress are all part of the City of Satellite Beach. The all-time 5 star rated City of Satellite Beach has everything you are looking for including serene beaches, access to water, magnificent sceneries, quiet neighborhoods, parks and golf courses.

An all-time favorite golfer and five-star rated City of Satellite Beach reside in the gated community of Belmar. If you live in the Belmar area, you will find that you have a number of excellent golf courses such as the Belmar Gold Club and the Belmar Loxahatchee Club. Other than golf, there are a lot of outdoor activities to participate in while in the community of Satellite Beach. For more information on where you can play golf and other types of outdoor sports, you can check out our website.

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