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Texas Brownwood is a small city located just outside of Houston in the Texas brown wood country of Kingsville, Texas. The population is 19,782 in the 2021 census. This city was named after an American Revolutionary War hero by the same name who lived in the area. He was born in Texas but later moved to Louisiana and served in the Army during the Civil War.

The first Texas Brownwood was established in 1850 near the present day town of Brownwood, Texas. The area was an agricultural region because of the abundance of cotton and wheat. The area was a thriving farming area because of the abundance of water in the area. As years passed this land became more developed. Schools were built, roads were built, railroads were built and many different businesses opened up. In fact today you can still see some of these old structures standing.

The current city of Texas Brownwood is just a part of this large area now known as Kingsville. This area is beginning to grow again so much so that a rapid growth and development plan was put into action to increase the number of housing starts and population. There are plenty of wonderful homes for sale and investment opportunities. The amount of land available in this city makes it ideal for investors and builders to purchase and develop. The city is still growing and so can you!

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