Bruceville Eddy

Bruceville Eddy is a small community just north of Lumberton, Texas, about a two-hour drive from Houston. It is bordered on three sides by Texas Highway 360 and on the east and west by the Guadalupe River. It has a population of less than one hundred.

Bruceville-Eddy, in the present-day, is a thriving community that offers much to those who wish to live there. The community features an annual flea market, a blues festival, and the popular Texas Blues tour. This year’s blues tour will be visiting the historic district of the old downtown area of Bruceville-Eddy. Tour guides say the area was one of the original areas hit hard by the post-war housing slump.

The fishing, hiking, and boating are some of the activities people can enjoy in this small town. Visitors can take advantage of the fishing experience at the Guadalupe River, which is only about a half hour drive away. The fishing will be good for fly-fishing, trolling, and pan-frying. There is also a world-class saltwater fishing facility nearby. The Horseshoe Bend Campgrounds provides lodging and facilities for camping and RV camping in addition to basic facilities for eating and staying.

The community also offers fishing and hunting, with a number of guided hunting trips available. Those who enjoy camping will enjoy the large selection of cabins and campsites here. There are many choices for camping, such as fireplaces, RV sites, RV parks, and tent campgrounds. A number of outfitters and shops provide camping supplies, camping furniture, and the equipment needed for your trip.

The Guadalupe River runs through much of Bruceville-Eddy. The Guadalupe River Greenway, which was built by the City of Austin, runs through the center of the community. This nature trail covers part of the Guadalupe River and the surrounding hills and mountains. The Guadalupe River State Park offers bird watching, hiking, and other wildlife viewing opportunities. The Guadalupe River State Park and Trail provide convenient and comfortable outdoor lodging. Other parks in the area include Red River Ranch, Waverly Hills, and McNeil Farm.

Most of the residents of Bruceville-Eddy are self-employed. There are numerous small businesses in the area, as well as several large businesses that service the community. Bruceville is a preferred community for seasonal workers because of its affordable living, convenient location, and abundance of employment sources. This economically and socially active community has something for everyone. Families, retirees, singles, and families with children will all find something of value in this small town in Texas.

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