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Brazoswood Buccaneers – A Book Review

The Bungalows: Buccaneers is the third installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean video game series. Jack Sparrow, having returned from the dead, must lead his ragtag crew of buccaneers against the evil pirate Captain Salazar and his navy. To make matters worse, an island paradise is under attack by an evil witch who has transformed most of the island’s inhabitants into mindless, blood-thirsty creatures. Pirates will need all their wits and skill to face this new threat and save the beautiful Queen. If you enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean, this game will provide similar excitement with even more fun and adventure.

Unlike previous games in the series, which had little or no story line, Buccaneer Bay has a detailed, well developed plot and well written dialogues. However, it does suffer from some common mistakes and drawbacks that make it less interesting and entertaining. One of these is the usage of cut scenes. While these serve to highlight certain events or characteristics of the characters, they are often too brief to warrant replaying parts of the game many times over.

Another flaw that I have is the story’s unrealistic nature. A large majority of the content takes place off the coast of Jamaica, where it would be difficult for a player to travel from point A to point B. In addition, the story’s main conflict, between the two pirate captains, does not occur on dry land nor does it involve sailing across an ocean. The actual setting is more appropriately based on the Caribbean, as it would be very impractical for an English person to sail from England to Jamaica.

As a conclusion, I find the story to be tedious and slow at times. The lack of plot content is frustrating, especially since it seems they do not intend for players to be engrossed in their storyline. Some of the events are predictable, and at other times it seems they are forced through a couple of scenes each. Most importantly, the voice acting, while good, lacks consistency, sometimes seeming desperate for attention.

Despite these flaws, I still recommend this game to fans of pirates, who want an easy read with great characters and some great story. I recommend this book to readers above the age of twenty. However, I would also not suggest this book to a teenager who wishes to role play with pirates, unless they are very serious about the subject. I found this to be a fun read, however adults may find this storyline a bit dull.

All in all, I give the rating a three-out-of-five. The writing style could use a little work, but overall, this book is a good one. If you enjoy pirates, this book will keep you interested from start to finish. If you don’t like pirates, you likely won’t enjoy this book either. I recommend it to readers with at least an interest in history and fiction.

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