Texas High Schools

Devine Warhorses

Texas Devine is a beautiful dance form that originated in the Texas south-west. It has recently gained popularity, thanks to an upsurge in popularity of country music. The music of the American southwest is fast becoming as respected as the traditional forms of music from the “Hollywood” Valley of California. The dance itself is composed of two parts: a pre-dance routine, and then a freestyle dance routine performed during the dance. In the former, dancers incorporate special choreography and physical movement to their routines; and the latter is just a free form dance performance. A variety of modern dance styles are used in Texas Devine, but the original style of the dance is unique.

This type of dancing began as a way for women in the rural areas of Texas to display their beauty and status to other men who passed through the area. It evolved into a community event, where women would gather to perform dance routines to their visitors. Many communities would have several versions of this dance, which was performed by women of varying ages, abilities, and personalities. It was common for a young woman in the community to be the lead singer, and for the men to join in and help her with the dancing.

One of the most popular versions of Texas Devine is the Zwayce a powerful, energetic dance routine. The Zwayce was originally created for a competition held at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. In order to participate in the competition, participants had to be 18 years old or older. Although the judges weren’t the only ones that the women competed against, the men in attendance gave the Zwayce high marks, as it was the fastest paced dance routine ever performed by women. Other routines have been developed to add more flash and complexity to Texas Devine, but the Zwayce remains to be one of the most popular.

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