Texas High Schools

Houston Cyp. Creek Cougars

Texas Houston Cypress is among the major rice production areas in Texas. Rice is grown in this part of the State because the climate here is well suited for its growth. Rice production in the lower lands is done through irrigation systems that channel water to the fields from the upstream rivers and then to the rice paddies where it is processed for consumption and making of various food items. This, in turn, helps the farmers to earn a handsome living. The water that is used for irrigation purposes is known as black water and as such, it has a bad taste. But when it is treated chemically with chlorine, it turns out to be tolerable.

There are some major channels of water transportation in Texas – two rivers flowing into the Gulf of Mexico at the Guadalupe river basin and another one flowing into the west coast at the Deer creek drain. These rivers deliver water to the Lower Red River and the Guadalupe River basin. They form the Guadalupe River Basin, which is in turn supplied by the Buffalo Bayou. There are many bird species, lizard species and many migratory birds that can be sighted along the flowing waters of the Texan rivers. A variety of turtle species like the Anole and the Map Turtle can also be seen along the water routes.

Rice paddy can be seen all around and the water can be fished in different locations. There are many recreational activities that can be enjoyed by children here. These activities include riding on the ATVs or playing motorbikes on the roads. It is possible for ATV enthusiasts to compete in the ATV Texas Class racing championships here. Children can enjoy the Texas Space Shuttle launches and also can participate in the moonwalk at the nearby Gulf shore.

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