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Jasper Bulldogs

Jasper Bulldogs
Jasper Bulldogs

The Jasper Bulldogs welcomes the Silsbee Tigers in 7:30 p.m., Friday as the first Beaumont Enterprise Game of the Year. Last Friday’s postponement by Hurricane Laura spared the schools the opportunity to play a game, but the Bulldogs are optimistic about the upcoming game against the Tigers. “We’re just happy to be back out on the field,” head coach Bo Pelini said. “We have no plans right now to really put any pressure on them, but we’re not going to sit idly by. We’ll try to bring our A-game every single day, and I expect good things to happen.”

With an offense that hasn’t been prolific all year, the Jags had their chances for a big upset in the first half but failed to convert any of their three opportunities. Starting with a three-man zone coverage that resulted in a giveaway to the Jackets, the Bulldogs capitalized on a couple nice runs by quarterback Brion Gardner and some solid running by Kenyan Jefferson. Following a two-minute drill in which the offensive line was asked to complete passes to five receivers, including two backs, the first half buzzer was given to the defensive players: “Touchdown!”

The first quarter brought none. The Jackets didn’t score after their first drive, a twelve-yard completion to tight end Eric Page. On their second possession, they were unable to get any yards on the ground, as quarterback Erickson threw a two-yard touchdown pass to receiver Eric Collier. It looked like the Jackets were going to be outclassed in this one, but they were able to recover from a poor start and hung in the game, going ahead twenty-nine-yards to go ahead 17-7. The exciting second half turned out to be much better for the Jasper Bulldogs, who was able to tie the game with a late field goal and take home a thrilling eighteen points.

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