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Leander Lions

Leander Lions
Leander Lions

Leander Lions is a family-owned and operated club with a rich history and tradition in the community of Leander, Texas. The club is dedicated to providing high-quality local recreational activities for kids of all ages. Through the years, the Lions have consistently ranked near the top of the High School Athletic Association, the North American Intercollegiate Hockey Association, the National High School Athletic Association and the United States Olympic Committee, place them among the nation’s best recreational sports facilities. Leander is also home to some world-class competitive programs and events including the Senior Gentlemen’s Association and the High School Football Club.

The Leander Lions is part of the Austin Independent Schools Athletic Association (ISAAA), which has been accredited by the Texas High School Athletic Association (HSAA). Through the decades, the Lions have provided some of the best high school and college athletic programs in the state of Texas. Among their notable accomplishments include: being named district representative to the Texas State Athletic Association (TSEA); serving as the technical and marketing representative for the school’s athletic department; being named Southwestern Conference (WSC) newcomer of the year; being named to the TEX Sports Team of the Year; and being selected to play in the NCAA Division I Outdoor Men’s Division I Championship twice.

Leander Lions offers a variety of recreational programs for kids of all ages. These programs are designed for both competitive and non-competitive levels and are great for parents looking for a great place for their children to play. In addition to their high quality of play on the field, they provide a positive learning environment in the classroom through their Leadership Academy. This program helps students develop essential leadership skills, as well as self-confidence, teamwork and responsibility. Leander Lions also offers many other community-based activities and benefits, such as a Food Bank, an AIDS Treatment Center and a Senior Center.

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