Texas High Schools

Levelland Lobos

Levelland Lobos High School football is a team that has the potential to take many other teams all the way in the Texas high school football playoffs. They have some great players, and a coach that knows what he is doing. In fact, this past year they went to the state championship game and impressed many people including myself. Their stadium is also really nice and they are always learning new things.

It was during the 1991 season that they went to the state playoffs against fourth tier Texas A&M University team, and they were not intimidated in any way. They played like they were second or third class. However, Levelland Lobos High School football fans everywhere should be sure that this team has what it takes to go to the Bowl Championship Series if they win the next game. They also play some very good defense, which can help them win some games, which is always important.

Right now, the only team that holds more wins than Levelland is probably Texas Christian University. However, they are a young team that has been playing very well lately. They are also a team that is extremely talented and has a number of very good players on the offensive and defensive lines. It will be interesting to see how this team fares this next season when they go into Houston to play in the Cotton Bowl. I think they have the ability to make it to the championship game as long as they continue to play well and improve as a team.

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