Lexington is a beautiful city in Kentucky. It is known for magnificent horse farms and other Thoroughbred sports like breeding. The Kentucky Horse Park has the International Horse Museum, the Hall of Champions and various other equine breeds represented. Ashburn, the home of late 1800s Senator Henry Clay, has a mansion overlooking the park and several grandiose gardens.

Although originally a small

manufacturing city, Lexington has grown to become one of the most populated cities in all of Kentucky. In 1855, before the Kentucky Derby, it had only two hundred thousand residents. Today it is home to more than five million people and has recently been incorporated as a full-fledged city with all the amenities that accompany any large metropolitan area. In addition to all of the usual tourist attractions, like the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky State Fair, Carrier Plantation and the Kentucky Derby, Lexington is also a vibrant shopping and entertainment center.

When traveling through downtown Lexington, you will see that the majority of commerce revolves around three core areas: medical care, retail and entertainment. Although each of these areas has unique characteristics, they are interconnected and thrive off of each other. Walking through any of these core areas is like taking a breath and watching the entire region bloom.

Health Care Lexington is constantly working hard to keep up with the demands of the healthcare delivery system. As one of the busiest metropolitan areas in the United States, it houses the largest number of hospitals of any city in the country. From small family-run operations to international hospitals, there is something for everyone here. The Lexington University Medical Center is one of the most prestigious medical centers in the country, known for its focus on research. The university also houses the prestigious Kentucky Center for Mental Health and Addiction Services, which serves to educate and promote wellness for all people regardless of their mental health needs.

Retail Lexington is often ranked as one of the nation’s top shopping destinations. Famous for everything from video games to electronics, fine dining and antiques to clothing; the Lexington shopping area is known for offering consumers just about anything they could ever want. The most popular retailers in town include Whole Foods Market and C malls. Other smaller shops and boutiques can be found throughout the metropolitan area, but the main attraction remains the Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The US Route 19 highway, which travels through central Kentucky, connects the sister cities of Fort Campbell, Kentucky; Lexington and Louisville. This route is actually the first highway in the United States to connect these two major towns. Although it was built in an era before most people’s homes were built, the bypass highway allows easy travel between these two major cities, making it a convenient way to get between them. Today, the bypass highway is one of the busiest thoroughfares in southern Kentucky, making it one of the busiest highways in the entire country.

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