Little River Academy

Little River Academy is a growing city in Bell County, Texas, United States of America. The city is situated in Brazoria County, Texas and is bordered by Conroe, Copperfield, Lee, and Holmes counties. The overall population was 1,912 at the 2021 census. It is also part of the Killeen-Temple-“: -Waterford Metroitary Area.

The city is located in the ideal geographical location for a warm and inviting place to live. This is because of its mild climate. It enjoys cool summers and winters. In the summertime, the Texas State University campus in Austin can be found in Little River-Academy. During the winter, the town benefits from the warmth of Bullard Country, one of the largest ski areas in north Texas.

The school has one of the best enrollments out of all private boarding schools in the Lone Star State. The school is consistently rated an “A” with a high student-to-teacher ratio. As of the most recent evaluation, the school has an enrollment rating of 910 out of a total population of 1130 students.

The school has consistently ranked among the top schools in Texas for many years. The most recent academic assessment report gave it a “B” for its Academic Services and Programs and a “C” for its Financial Aid and Scholarships programs. In the most recent Consolidated Financial Reports, it received an “A” for its inclusive policies including: low student-to-teacher ratios, comprehensive aid package, and the ability to suspend payments in cases of academic defaults or abuse. In addition, the school received an “A” for its mission and vision, as it is dedicated to helping students become successful and well-rounded individuals through its academic and extracurricular programs. Among the stellar academic programs at Little River Academy are the” CLEP Test Prep”, which helps students prepare for and pass the necessary Texas statewide reading tests; the “LSAT”, or Logical Reasoning Assessment, which measures potential success in the major subjects; the “TEFLA”, which is a world certified teaching of English, and; the “BSL”, which measures both the skills and knowledge required to teach in a Texas public school.

Other notable programs at the Little River Academy include the Outdoor Education Program, which provide classes on ranching and wildlife conservation, and the Southwestern Studies Program, which provide courses on math, science, geography, and English. The program director of Little River Academy, Ms. Robinette Johnson, is also an acclaimed author, whose books include numerous magazines and articles on Texas agriculture, wildlife, and history. The school also offers professional development workshops for its teachers, such as the workshops held in conjunction with the National Association of School Psychologists. In addition to its wonderful academics and extracurricular activities, the academy has been recognized by the state of Texas as an “approved placement agency” for its teachers.

The community of Conroe, Texas, is just a few miles away from the Little River Academy campus and includes outstanding ranching and horseback riding opportunities. The community is wonderful for people who enjoy spending time outdoors and appreciates a healthy lifestyle. The real estate values of this beautiful city, and its proximity to excellent retirement locations, make it a very desirable location for people who are looking to relocate to another area, or who are looking for a second home. Conroe is located in a beautiful and convenient area, which is close to cities including Forth Worth, Frisco, and Texarkana, as well as the beautiful Gulf coast beaches of Beeville and Orange Beach. The little town of Conroe even offers world-class rodeo entertainment year-round.

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