Texas High Schools

Lytle Pirates

The Lytle Pirates is an independent high school sports team that has professional aspirations of becoming a national high school basketball team. Currently, they are a member of the Southern Association of Schools (SEC) as a full member school of Division III. They’re also a member of the Eastern Athletic Conference (EAC) and a member of the National Association of Sport Business’ (NASB) Youth Basketball League. As a result of their affiliation to both leagues, they play at a variety of facilities and in different cities across the country.

Although many people don’t think of them as having any national or global ambitions, the Lytle Pirates does have a history of playing some games internationally. Their athletic director is Michael Sellers, who played football at the University of North Carolina. Sellers was very successful as an assistant at the University of Kentucky, where he coached the basketball team to three NCAA tournaments and one national title. At the time of his retirement from coaching, he earned over $100 million while helping develop the UK’s National Talent Agency, which manages the UK’s high school athletic programs and is scouting for college programs nationally and internationally. He also worked with the UK’s Women’s Tennis Association as its women’s tennis coach.

The Lytle Pirates is part of a growing trend of independent high school teams gaining exposure and popularity all across the country and even around the world. Although they do not yet have a professional football team, they play a variety of sports and in different cities. As a result, they often attract local fans who enjoy watching their local teams play. Their website contains a list of upcoming games, as well as information on how to follow the team online.

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