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A Holiday in the Manor – Hampton Court Palace

When most people think of Manor there is one thought in the back of their mind – that it is a house from the past. Maybe it was built during the depression or maybe during the Roaring ’20s. That is probably where they got the idea. But it is not just a house, it is more than that. It is a place to enjoy, to relax and to feel the history and the heritage of this beautiful town.

This small town of Manor is about an hour east of Manchester and about three hours north of London. The road to Man United is known as Lime Street. It runs along the River Walk and connects the two towns. There is a very authentic atmosphere to this town as the streets are narrow with cobbled streets and Victorian buildings dotting the landscape. There are also the Grade I-listed St. Michael’s Church and the Priory Church of Saint John the Baptist on the site of the former church.

Just off the station of Lime Street is the manor itself. The building is known as the Manor Hotel and has a long history. It was built in 1878 for the first official non-oil undertaking in Manchester. It is listed as a World Heritage Site. Its many rooms have a panoramic view of the city. There is even a cafe in the hotel.

The other side of the building is the St. Lawrence Church and the Priory church. These are just a couple of places worth visiting. You can see the town of Man United in a whole different light when you explore the manor. It really is more than just a drive through town.

To make the most out of your stay at the manor, you will need to plan your itinerary well. Most visitors stay for three or four days and then visit the city centre for the day after. If you like you can stay longer and enjoy all the sights. One afternoon you might want to try your hand at wood carving or maybe try your hand at the door knock. You will be amazed at the difference in the quality of work, but it’s not necessary.

To get to the Manor you need a taxi or if you prefer an operator you can call the hotel. The rates are very reasonable and worth the trip. To avoid the crowds you should arrive early. When you arrive you will find the streets are filled with tourists looking for a place to eat or drink. There is so much to do that you won’t feel crowded.

You can start to explore the manor the day before you depart. Take time to look around the hotels and gardens. You may even take a walk down to the river and spend an afternoon. If you are staying in the hotel you can use the swimming pool.

You won’t want to leave the manor. You may even want to stay overnight. If so, you will find the prices are reasonable and they have self-catering accommodation available for those who want it. You will be amazed at the amount of activities that are available on a daily basis in the manner and at a price you won’t regret.

The gardens in the manor are beautiful and you may also enjoy learning about gardening here. You will also find the Marble Hall, which is open to the public and houses a beautiful statue of a horse and carriage. You can learn about the history of the manor through the many exhibits.

While in the hotel you might want to visit the keeper’s cottage. Here you will find some wonderful stories and you will have a lovely day to remember. You can go shopping in the town and sample some of the local produce. There are also excellent restaurants in the area and you will find some wonderful food during your stay.

To finish off your visit to the manor, you should try to visit the Little Venice on the day you leave. This is a very small harbour and you will find it very quiet. You won’t find the hustle and bustle of the main town and it is a relaxing day out. After visiting the manor, you can visit the Little Venice Waterfront or you can spend a few hours enjoying the local sights and sounds.

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