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Mason Punchers

Mason Punchers
Mason Punchers

The Mason Punchers has been perennial state title contenders over the years. Tradition is abundant starting with their old palace, a converted mansion that sets itself apart from all other stadiums in the state of Texas. The Puncher Dome, a former horseracing track, has been turned into a state-of-the-art football venue. The building is open for business and allows fans to be exposed to the history and tradition that this team represents.

Kickoff games against other top teams like Tulane and SMU take place at their domed home field, and a sell out crowd watch the game with their backs turned to the action every single time. The atmosphere at the Mason site is one of football, however, there is also a very strong community spirit that shows through in other areas of the stadium as well. Fans get to enjoy the restaurant that serves delicious Texas cuisine at halftime and the nighttime celebrations are an amazing sight as well.

The Quarterbacks Coach, Brian Bosworth has guided the club to a pair of 10 win seasons and has groomed the young guns, Travis Wilson and Darell Burton, into complete NFL starters. Now they need to do what a team needs to do in order to win games. They need a bona fide Quarterback to throw the ball to. If they can’t do it, they’re going to find themselves in trouble. So they’ll need someone who can make throws downfield to score Touchdowns. And for that, Mason Punchers will need to bring their A game.

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