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The History Of Theendon Tigers

The Vernon Tigers was originally a Minor League baseball team that initially represented Vernon, California in the Pacific Coast League in the early 1908 to early 1920. The team later won back-to-backs PCL pennants in 1920 and 1919. The baseball team moved across the country to join the American League and later became part of the National League when the two leagues merged. The Tigers later became the Washington Senators.

The major league baseball team played at the old Veterans Memorial Park known as ball park. The location of this park was changed to what is known today as a hitter’s heaven due to the many famous professional and college athletes that lived and died in and around the area of San Francisco. Some notable names that are remembered in this park include Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Willie Mays and Joe Montana. In 1992, the United States Department of Labor designated it as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It was added to this list in 1993.

In late February or early March of this year, the team was sold to a private investor group. The transaction was completed on March 4th. According to a news release from the San Francisco Gate, “The sale of the Vernon Tigers to an investment group from San Francisco provides the opportunity for many future events in the downtown area and the downtown region of Los Angeles,” according to a statement from the San Francisco Gate. Events such as games, concerts and other attractions are in the works for the area surrounding the area known as downtown.

It was not immediately clear whether the move is related to the future of tendon Tigers or if the team will move to another part of town or to a new baseball park altogether. A spokesperson for the San Francisco Giants did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment. Earlier in February, the team had announced that it was moving to a new venue. A spokesperson for the team said that details would be coming soon.

The story of tendon Tigers can be told over a period of just fifty years. They were one of the original nine teams that formed the National League. The team played at the old Comiskey Park in Chicago, Illinois. The stadium was later replaced by the MetroStars Ballpark in Reading, Pennsylvania. The league lasted just one season, becoming the National League before being absorbed by the newly formed American League.

Theendon Tigers was one of the many teams to play in the famous World Series that swept America during the nineteen hundreds. Winning the first two playoff series against the New York Yankees, the team once again entered the twentieth century with another successful turn around. Led by Lou Gehrig, the Tigers captured the pennant again in 1920 before falling to the Chicago Cubs in five games. The following year the team played in the World Series once again, but fell again to the New York Yankees in five games. The World Series meant the end of the original six team playoff schedule, and the introduction of the truly modern system of qualifying for postseason play.

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