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The Northside High School District has been working on a plan to upgrade the existing Nacogdoches High School for over a year now. Several facilities have been improved and new students are being added that were not present in the old building. Many people have been very supportive of this project because it will allow the students even more social interaction. This new facility is also going to be better equipped to accommodate the growing student body that is graduating each year. A large portion of those students are from out of state or out of the country and it is important for the school district to provide them with a high quality facility where they can have their academic work done without any problems.

The Nacogdoches Dragons, who play in the Georgia High Schools Athletic Association, has played several games against other high schools including the Atlanta High School Athletic Association. The venue has a great deal of success in history and has held some of the top ranked teams in the nation including athletes such as ace wide receiver DeVonta Smith, as well as running back Trevard Lindley. Both of these players are major prospects in their sport. It is very likely that all of the top prospects in the state have attended or are going to one day attend this very strong school.

The school district also invested a great deal of money into improving facilities around the campus. There is now a new gymnasium that will feature state of the art weight room equipment and other fitness amenities for the athletes. They are also building two new locker rooms for the students who maintain their scholarship. This was another large investment into the school by the board of directors.

With so many outstanding facilities, it is easy to see why the Nacogdoches Dragons have been gaining recognition in the area. They are a very respected program and they do not plan to change. Coach Bradshaw is very involved in his football program. He knows that to be a consistent winning football program, there must be quality facilities and top notch coaching. There are many outstanding programs in the state of Texas, but none are quite like the Nacogdoches Dragons. The facilities alone are enough to make them a name that cannot be ignored by any football program.

Many high schools play music at practice and offer cheerleaders, but nothing compares to the quality of the cheer at the University of Nacogdoches. Every student that plays for the football team is pumped about playing for such a legendary program. It does not matter if the students are new or old, everyone knows they are going to be heading to the University of Nacogdoches Dragons. The students may not be in the best of conditions, but they know they are headed down a long, beautiful road in their athletic career.

The facilities are definitely worth mentioning. Even with the current issues that the state of Texas is facing, the state of Texas still holds the number one high school in the United States. If the University of Nacogdoches had been able to stay open so long due to the support from the state of Texas, they would have continued to be ranked very highly within the United States. The students should feel very proud of the facility that they are going to be attending each day as long as they live.

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