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Facts About the North Raiders High School Soccer Team

The new PC game Mount and Blade: Warband for the Xbox 360 has been redesigned by the developers from Psijia North in Finland. This new version looks like the classic PC game, but using modern graphics and sound technology. According to the developers the goal of the game is to “recreate the feeling of a medieval adventure” through “a complex plot, handcrafted landscapes and intense combat”. Although it will still be possible to enjoy the older PC game with this new version, it can also be enjoyed by people who are not fond of action games.

So, what is the story behind the game? As you know, the game is set during the time of “the dark ages” when time was frozen and everything seemed to be frozen. When the king of England is away, the kingdom is without a leader and everyone is disorganized. A young man named Conan, the son of King Boadhagh, is crowned king of Britain. During his reign, he starts to develop a relationship with the blonde princess, Cathbad. However, when she falls out of love with him, he leaves her.

Soon, he joins the Aztec tribe named the Bruisers, who are led by their chieftain, Velgary. He becomes known as “The Colossus”. The group soon discovers that they have a dire need of weapons and armor. They go to Oklahoma City to purchase the necessary items.

While in Oklahoma City, the group meets everybody who will become its members. Among them are Andre Johnson, who are from Cincinnati, Ohio; Damon Studdard, who is from Grand Rapids, Michigan; Shawn Tisdale, who is from El Cajon, California; Jake Lewis, who is from Fort Collins, Colorado; and Brian Price, who are from Tulsa, Oklahoma. They form a team with the name “North Raiders”. Also joining them are six-year old recruit Zach Lowe, who are from Cincinnati, and Louisiana Tech commits Devonte Fields, who is from Louisiana. They also have member David Stallings from Louisiana, receiver Damon Mitchell, defensive end Sharell Rivers, and offensive tackle Chance Crawford.

When the season starts, everyone except for DLRN (blocker) Damon Mitchell accidentally gets tackling during the game. Before he can fall, the coach of the rival team, Billy Gillispie, comes out to check on him. However, Damon manages to get away, and he subsequently joins the North raiders. Eventually, he ends up catching the eye of Coach Billy Gillispie. Damon then joins the team as a wide receiver.

During the second season, the fans of PDFA become very excited because they think that Damon and the rest of his teammates will make it to the FCS National Championship. However, in the playoffs, Damon and the rest of the team easily lose to an inferior South Dakota team by a score of 35-3. Nevertheless, the fans of PDFA never give up and cheer for Damon, even though he and the other players of the team didn’t perform well during the playoffs. Eventually, Damon end up being the consensus national champs. He was named the top player of the year in the AP (nationally), and he and the rest of the North raiders became known as the “PDFAdogs”.

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