Rogers Communications Incorporated is a Canadian telecommunications company. It works mainly in the areas of cable television, wireless telecommunications, Internet connectivity and mass media services, with other significant telecommunications assets. Rogers International has its main headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It also has satellite offices in New York City and one office in Washington D. C. Rogers Communications’ current market share rate is approximately 14 per cent. It has contracts with Canadian and international telephone service providers such as Astralination, Shaw and Videotron.

The Company is in the process of rapidly expanding their wireless technology coverage area. They are in the process of expanding their coverage to additional Canadian markets, primarily in Ontario, New York and Pennsylvania, as well as the remaining states in North America, in addition to additional markets in Asia and South America. To provide their wireless customers with the best wireless experience, Rogers has introduced two new products recently, the Xoom family of devices and the Wireless Shield. Both devices are designed to provide the consumer with the latest wireless technology solutions to meet their needs, in today’s busy and technically advanced world.

Currently, in North America, Rogers already offers mobile phones, home phone services, cellular phones, high speed Internet services, high-speed Internet access at no additional cost, in addition to all the services and features that come with their basic services. They are also offering their new wireless technology solutions across the United States of America, in addition to their existing international services. As previously stated by John Gambrel, president and chief executive officer of Rogers Communications Inc., “Rogers is committed to continuing to develop and expand our business framework so we can continue to be a player in the evolving communication environment”. With the introduction of these two new products, Rogers is able to further strengthen its position as one of the leading wireless technology providers in Canada.

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