Rosebud Lott

Rosebud Lott Independent School District is an amalgamated public school district located in Travis, Texas, just north of Austin. It is a part of the McNeil County School System. The school district mascot is the cougar. The Rosebud community is known for its unique culture and community spirit. The district has also won six Outstanding Student School’s awards and has achieved the highest percentage of positive student-teacher ratios of any Texas public school.

A history of rich music and cultural arts is what started the district. In the early 1950’s the district was formed out of several small rural schools that were experiencing overcrowding. As these areas became unhealthful for students, they had to be transferred to other larger areas. Rosebud became the third school in this area to merge with the other schools in its zone. The amalgamation became successful because of the outstanding academic achievements and creative arts programs and the dedicated staff that contributed to the success of the district.

The focus of Rosebud is on academics, music and art. There is an emphasis on teamwork, discipline and leadership. The student body is very small, which ensures a high quality education. Each child is given individual attention and the entire student body is very small with a small number of students having special needs. All students are educated in the same manner so that children have access to similar courses throughout their academic years at Rosebud.

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