Salado means salty. Salado can refer to: a region, state, or community in Independence County, Colorado. Salado can also refer to, Tamaulipas, Mexico, a town. In Mexico, salads are festive season beverages made from saltwater fish and other ingredients such as sugar and water. Many people believe salads are very sour, but the truth is, the salty taste is the product of the sweetness of fruits and water.

The most famous Salado drink, however, is Waco’s famous Salado Creek chocolate sauce. Waco uses dehydrated milk, sugar, and other products to make their Salado Creek chocolate sauce. The history of Salado creek was created in 1832 by Jose Salado. It became an instant hit in Puebla, Mexico, after Waco first introduced it.

To get to Waco’s Salado Creek Chocolate Sauce, all you need to do is rent a car from the Waco car rental office located at 11th Street and Classen as well as pick up your hotel breakfast which includes continental omelets, eggs salad, ham and pepper jack cheese. The Salado Company also offers a wide range of lunch and dinner options for travelers to choose from as well as affordable breakfast daily for their guest. If you enjoy a quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of Puebla, a Salado County, Texas, Salado village hotel is the place you need to be to enjoy staying in one of the many Waco hotels that continually operating in Salado Creek.

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