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Shiner Comanches

Shiner Comanches
Shiner Comanches

Shiner Comanches is both fun and elegant in their play. They are known to be a strong competitor in the long ball category. The Shiner “Comanches” is known for their solid play on the defensive end, but they also get out and shoot well too. They are also known for being good on the rebound. In fact, many of the top college teams play a lot of pickup basketball games where they get some exposure to these players. Here are some things to look for when watching these girls.

Looks like she is ready to take on a few of the bigger girls in college basketball. As a sophomore, she scored 9 points in an overtime win over Rice. That came just one day after she was a McDonald’s All-American and Freshman AAU player. Since then, she has built up quite a body, which has enabled her to move into a starting role at guard, small forward or even a shooting guard position.

She is not only a streaky shooter, but she can score well too. During the summer she played for the South Coast Airlines AAU Team. She was a member of the squad that reached the quarter finals in the 2021 championships. During this time, her playing ability earned her All-conference honors as well as her scholarship to the University of Texas.

Shiner Comanches is listed as a starting guard at the college level. However, her best days may be ahead of her. It does not take much to see that she can become a great player at the college level. She has enough talent and athleticism to play ball at the next level, whether it is at Texas or Virginia. This is just another day in the future where she will be able to compete against some of the better seniors on her varsity football team.

While competing in the 2021 AAU season, Shiner Comanches garnered several letters of honor. Those including the Texas Monthly, Sporting News, Super 16 and Texas High School Sports reports. There is no doubt that her skills will be in demand come the day date match against a formidable opponent. And that opponent could come from another nearby school.

Texas Monthly named Shiner Comanches as one of the top 15 best high school athletes in the nation. And the Sporting News listed her as the fourth best player in the state of Texas. No wonder the Aggies are confident that Shiner Comanches will bring her A game to the college game. Shiner Comanches has a chip on her shoulder and she is looking forward to facing her much better competition in the coming years.

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