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The Elegant Wildcat

Out of all the felines residing in the American wild, few are as beloved and adored as the Siamese Wildcat. These cats originated from Southeast Asia and are known for their beautiful markings and silky, long coats. They tend to live in lowland rain forests, hillsides and near bodies of water. In order to look its best, these Siamese must maintain a healthy diet.

A Siamese’s life is very short. This is due to the fact that they breed quickly and have very high activity levels. When they breed, two babies are born. The female leads the litter by laying one or two eggs in a small pouch made from leaves. After the eggs have hatched, the young stay inside the pouch with mom for around a month until they can fend for themselves.

These adorable wildcat cats have very distinctive personalities that make them different from one another. Some are friendly and mild tempered while others are aggressive and moody. There is even a rare type that is both affectionate and fearless. The Tabby Cat is such a breed.

Like many other Siamese, the Tabby Wildcat also has an attractive double coat. Males have slightly longer hair than females and have distinct almond shaped eyes. These cats tend to be the only wildcat in North America that is known to prey upon small animals such as hares, rodents, squirrels, rabbits, deer and even fish.

These cats prefer a quiet, private location to enjoy the company of nature. They love to sit on high branches of trees and take long, leisurely walks around the garden. When left to their own devices, they will build nests in tree branches. It is important not to feed them as they can become quite destructive when they feel threatened. Instead, give them some fresh clean water every day.

A secretive and elusive creature, the Tabby Wildcat is seldom seen by the general public. Their behavior has led to them being omitted from the breed standard. Their natural prey, small animals, is usually too big for even skilled hunters to catch. Tabby cats range across much of the northern continent, except for the far east. Occasionally spotted in the southern regions where they inhabit the marshlands and swamps, they are rarely seen in the more arid regions.

While they are solitary creatures, they do share a home with at least two other Wildcat species. In the south, they are occasionally seen in bachelor fays, and in the north they may be seen in sub-adult fays or saker fays. The male cats range much further north, frequently crossing the continental divide. It is believed that the Tabby and White cats are the same animal, but differing in size and coloration.

No information on the behavior and diet of this beautiful cat is available. It is believed that they hunt after small mammals and birds, mainly lizards and bugs. Sometimes they are also known to eat large rodents and fish. Their wide range in habitats indicates that they feed exclusively on various kinds of prey, although they are occasionally seen hunting on birds and insects as well. Their short, rounded ears, long legs and short, square tails suggest that they move slowly and ponderfully while hunting.

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