Troy is a city in Greece, that is situated on the geographical location of Santorini. The city of Troy was founded by the Greek goddess Troy’s son, Odysseus. Troy has been there for about eight thousand years and it was a powerful kingdom during the rule of the Romans. The city, which is popularly known as Troy is a fascinating city that is famous for its sophisticated culture, fine arts and historical monuments. The city is home to some of the finest art museums and also boasts of numerous fine hotels and eateries.

The city of Troy is located on the right bank of the River Tesis and its most important sources of water are the Troodas hills and the Thera frescoes. The Troodas hills is the original source of drinking water for the city and it is situated above the city of Troy. Troy was a prominent seat of the Trojans and they occupied the region for several centuries. The city of Troy had contact with the Roman Empire during the 1st Century AD and the Roman soldiers stayed in the city for a long time. Troy was also an important political center of the Greek city-state and many Greek leaders like Aristotle lived here.

Troy is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and it is visited by several tourists and historians on a regular basis. The best time to visit Troy is in the spring since it is an open air museum and it provides a picturesque view of ancient Troy. There are many attractions for visitors to see in this classical location and you can include a visit to the Parthenon, the Agra Fort and the Temple of Athena Nike at the heart of the city. The ancient Greek architectural structures in the city of Troy are a major tourist attraction and they attract many people on a regular basis. The city is also home to numerous religious sites and churches that witness the continued devotion of its residents to their many religious traditions.

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