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Valera Panther Creek
Valera Panther Creek

Valera Panther Creek High School is an innovative private high school located east of Valera, Texas onFM002 and officially designated as a private junior high school by the UIL. It’s part of the Panther Creek Consolidated Independent School District located in south central Coleman County. It’s a 1985 merger of Talpa Centennial and Mozelle schools. It has two branches, the Northside High School and Southside High School.

The building was constructed by H.B. Root in 1974. The school received its permit to operate from the local planning and zoning commission.

There are three full schools within the system: Academic/ Civic Magnet School, Interdenominational Church of God and Valera Preparatory School. Several activities are available for the students besides just learning how to read, write and communicate. Students may choose to pursue science, art, dance, drama, photography, video, animation and computer science. An after school program is also available.

Students can enroll in any of the nine elementary reading courses, two science labs and three foreign language programs. Math is offered in Pre-culus, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus. Students can earn credits in the Special Education classes as well.

Prek-12 English is offered as part of the curriculum. Students can participate in the school cultural activities, including musical and drama evenings, band competitions, swimming teams and grade school trips. Students can take college prep classes as well in preparation for the SAT or ACT.

Students are required to wear a uniform which consists of a shirt, pants, socks and bow tie. The school has a four-year commitment to the community. There are no admissions requirements, and the cost of tuition is about $12 per semester. International students with U.S. citizenship are welcome to join. Students need to register for classes in the fall, before their first term.

High School graduates may transfer to Valera Panther Creek High School. All transfers must be approved by the principal. In addition to being accepted, students must meet all academic and graduation requirements. There is a limited amount of space available for transfer students. For further information on how to get into the school, students should visit its website.

The school has a small student body and there are not enough teachers to adequately teach the various subjects. Some teachers leave their jobs to open their own day care centers at the school. This will add to the general supply of teachers and will also generate additional revenue.

The campus is very quiet with very few students during the day. There is a bus that picks up students at the beginning of each school day and takes them to their respective classes. Buses also pick up students who have dropped out. There is also a regular bus that travels between Valera Panther Creek High School and the other public schools in the area.

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