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Van Vandals

Van Vandals
Van Vandals

Texas high school football playoffs and the upcoming Alamo Bowl in San Antonio are under way. Fans have been tuning in for weeks to see who will advance to the national title game. The exciting games are on television nationally as well as locally. It’s amazing how the skillful play of some of the young stars can take a team to a whole new level. But what can you do to keep your kids occupied when the real excitement starts in earnest?

Van Vandal’s board game and digital painting software are sure to keep the children occupied for hours at a time. Both can be purchased online and downloaded into computers to use immediately. A fun project for parents and teachers is to create a spreadsheet with statistics for each team, including overall wins and losses due to Van Vandals computers or vandalism. Adding to this list of statistics will give team managers a good sense of how the team is performing.

Parents and teachers can also keep track of which computer lessons are most helpful. For instance, an entire lesson can be based on the first quarter, the second quarter and the last quarter. There can even be lessons that focus on the last five minutes of the first half or the last five minutes of the fourth quarter. Computer programs like Van Vandal’s takes the work out of teaching by providing interactive, engaging games and puzzles for students. This way, the teacher’s job doesn’t have to be so tedious or boring. Good times are ahead!

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