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Wearing Jerseys Or Uniforms From Kentucky University

The annual East Bernard Vs Van Vleck High School Football Game Day takes place on Friday, October 30th. This yearly tradition is one of the most popular athletic events of the year in St. Bernard Parish and is a favorite amongst the students as well as the parents of local youth football players. If you are a parent with young children that love to play the game of football, then this is a wonderful way to have them participate in a fun game that will build up all of your family’s sporting strengths while helping your kids develop skills they will use throughout high school and college. If you have never been to this historic town or district, then you will want to make this a priority in your child’s high school year. There is so much to do and see during the course of the day that it will be difficult for you to fit it all into a small vacation time frame.

When: The annual East Bernard Vs Van Vleck High School Football Game Day is celebrated on Friday, October 30th every year. This game day is a great way to bring families and friends together to cheer on the Blue Demon Huskies against the Black Bulldogs. The annual game day can be an exciting time to dress up in your favorite teams uniform and have a blast playing against your rivals. The game day festivities begin with an exciting game presentation at approximately noon where the Blue Demons takes on the Black Bulldogs in what is one of the best rivalries in the state of Louisiana.

What: This annual high school game features some of the top high school and college programs in the state of Louisiana. The teams wear uniforms that consist of different shades of blue and silver. As the game progresses, the team uniforms change from light blue to a more solid color that represents their affiliation with the school. Most teams wear jerseys, shorts, pants, jackets, and helmets that represent the logo on their uniforms.

When: The game day activities will start promptly at the conclusion of the Eastern Kentucky University vs. Van Vleck Leopards game. This will provide the students with a chance to celebrate what they’ve just accomplished and to show off what they’ve been able to accomplish as a unit. As well, the team photo and game day schedule will be given out to the student athletes, parents, and anyone else who’s interested. This is an exciting way for students to acknowledge their accomplishments and to let others know about what they’ve accomplished during this past season.

Where: This game is played at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, which is located on the campus of the University of Kentucky. The stadium serves as the site of several sporting events, including but not limited to basketball and football games. The arena is divided into two sections by a removable carpet. The south section is known as the Convocation Center and features locker rooms, club areas, and a concessions area. The north part is known as the Banks Cemetery Road athletic facilities and features the university bookstore, weight room, and a press box. This is the proper venue for wearing jerseys or uniforms from your school.

When: It’s impossible to predict when or where these events will take place, however it has become customary for teams to wear their colors and uniforms for these occasions as well. Last year, the University of Texas was the first to do so as a group when they wore all red uniforms for the first game of the season against Rice. Even Kentucky’s college baseball team has worn uniforms for several home games this season. So there should be no shortage of occasions for you and your teammates to wear your brand new look.

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