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Wimberley Texans

Wimberley Texans
Wimberley Texans

Wimberley Texans is a community of approximately fourteen hundred people located about thirty miles southwest of Austin, Texas. The population of Wimberley has been consistently around that amount for the past few decades. This part of Texas has always been a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The area has plenty to offer to anyone looking to escape the city life, including a rich history, a thriving economy, and beautiful scenery.

The city was named after a local judge, who served a one-term mayor and was one of the first settlers in what is now Wimberley. He had also served as a judge and later became a representative in the state assembly before being elected governor of Texas. Wimberley Texans is one of only two towns in Texas designated as an area where representatives are elected in the State Legislature.

Texas A & M University have played many volleyball games at the local community center, which serves as the home court for the university’s men’s and women’s teams. Texas Monthly ranked it as the #3 college town in the state for its excellent housing options and quality of schools. Texas Monthly also listed it as one of the best places to live in the Lone Star State for students who are looking to get out of the college grind as quickly as possible. The community center offers classes in all aspects of Texas volleyball, including coaching, technical, and recreational volleyball. There is also a girls’ volleyball program that was created in 1998 with a focus on getting girls off the court and into competitive play.

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