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Addison Trinity Christian Trojans

Addison Trinity Christian Trojans
Addison Trinity Christian Trojans

Cuyahoga County Veterans Affairs has announced that Addison Trinity Christian Schools is being placed on warning due to several child sexual abuse allegations. The announcement comes one day after the school board held a special meeting to discuss the recent allegations involving students at the school. These include inappropriate touching by male teachers, a former student who was fond of masturbating in front of other students, and a rape which were allegedly carried out by one of the students. Addison Trinity Christian was placed on probation. In a press release issued by Cuyahoga County Probate Judge Robert Young, he stated that three men have been charged with statutory rape and one with oral rape. The victims are all minors.

There are two schools located in Addison, both charter schools. Addison bible schools and Addison divinity schools are funded through the state of Ohio. The city of Addison is the county seat of Cuyahoga county. The town of Monroe is the seat of Graysville. According to the school’s website, the Addison bible school was established in 1965 and serves both boys and girls.

On the last week of August, Cuyahoga County found out that there are three men who face charges of statutory rape and one of oral rape. Two other men were also arrested but their cases are still pending. Addison trinity Christian Trojans had sent out a press release about the situation, saying that there would be arrested soon. About two weeks later, it was reported that three more men were facing identical charges.

On Sept. 25, Cuyahoga County Court ordered Addison trinity Trojans to turn their servers over to the CSI team. On the same day, two other men were released on their own recognizance. It was learned on Sept. 25 that two other men had been released on their own recognizance but had not been charged with anything. Zone 2 of Cuyahoga County is where Addison trinity Christian Trojans are located. It is in zone two, which contains several low-income housing projects, elderly care facilities, public libraries, parks and recreation areas. There are many residents in this housing zone who belong to gangs.

On Sept. 24, the Franklin County Jail released one of the suspects, identified as 33-year-old Gregory Dewayne Hull-DAISetta, of the town of Groveton. He has been held at the jail since his arrest. He has previous convictions of burglary, robbery and grand theft auto. He was scheduled to make his initial appearance on the charges in the court on Oct. 9.

On the same day, detectives with the CSI team and members of the FBI’s Innocence Services division recovered two handguns found during a break-in on a residence belonging to Addison Trinity Christian Trojans. Also recovered were crowbars, a baseball bat and brass knuckles. Authorities are still looking for two other men believed to be involved in the break-in.

Investigators believe this group of males likely targeted the residence of the former Addison Tricone who lives at 925 Prospect Street, near downtown Cleveland. The former Addison Tricone, Williamison Hull-DAISetta, was a member of a family that has owned the home since it was built in 1970. Detectives believe this family may have been targeted because of their ties to the local community and their ties to the redwater area of Lake Erie. The homes for sale at the marina are in good condition and are located in very attractive locations. One of the homes for sale is located directly on Lake Erie, which could make it an easy target for this type of criminal activity.

Last week’s break-in capped a busy week for Cleveland police detectives and the FBI in search of Addison Trinity Bulldogs, a possible pack of armed predators that terrorized a northeastern Ohio neighborhood for over a week. Detectives recovered a total of eight handguns, four handguns and one rifle from the residence of Addison Trinity Christian Trojans owner Bill Hull-DAISetta. The family of the deceased, all of whom were employees of Addison-Trinity College, were alerted several weeks ago by the Como-Cotton Management Corporation, which owns Addison-Trinity College. A security guard was fired after the discovery of the dead animals in a wooded part of the college’s campus. The security guard was arrested and later charged with obstruction of justice, criminal trespassing, possession of illegal drugs and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

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