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Alvin Living Stones Christian Lions

Alvin Living Stones Christian Lions
Alvin Living Stones Christian Lions

Alvin Living Stones Christian Lions program is one of the most popular Christian based ministries all over the world. The program provides an intensive curriculum that not only introduces the students to the teachings of the Bible, but also to life in general. The program also helps people to understand and deal with some of the problems they are facing in their lives such as fear, depression, lack of confidence, anger, selfishness and others. The program helps the students to find out new levels of commitment, accountability, spirituality and courage and to maintain these through daily practice. It is a unique program because it offers a “you are what you think you are” kind of approach to life.

The Alvin Living Stones Christian Lions program is based on the book by the same name written by Father Alvin C. Smith. Father Smith used many tools and methods from psychology, sociology, education, anthropology, sociology and life philosophies. The book describes how he came to discover and use the “Law of Attraction” in his teachings. It talks about how he made an unusual discovery while traveling across the United States and Canada in order to study the different cultures and their approaches to life.

After studying each culture he felt that certain approaches in each culture were flawed and needed to be changed. He then put together a set of twelve principles he felt were essential to living a good life and then called them the “Laws of Attraction.” These laws include: Love your neighbor as yourself, always try to give others the impression that you appreciate them, and always put yourself in a position to benefit from interactions with others. Since these words are in the Bible, they provide proof that these principles really do work and that one can improve his or her quality of life through them. The program also includes testimonies from many people who have used the laws of attraction in their lives to reach their goals and become leaders and teachers to others.

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